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Hearing aid discount offer Feb ’19 at CHC-NY

We ♥ Hearing Technology Celebration Feb 12-28

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Here’s a sweetheart deal for everyone interested in trying out the latest hearing technology . . . on us!

Opn hearing aid at CHC-NY

Opn miniRITE Made-for-iPhone Hearing Aid by Oticon

Join us February 12-28 for a special We ♥ Hearing Technology Celebration and demo exceptional new hearing instruments absolutely free. This special offer is available at CHC in New York and by appointment only, so please contact us today at (917) 305-7766 or to schedule your complimentary one-hour listening demonstration.

Benefits we think you’ll love

  1. Free one-hour listening demonstration (by appointment only)

  2. 10% discount (should you wish to make a purchase)

  3. Additional 10% discount for seniors (HLAA and PS-HOPS discounts also apply, but only to a maximum of 20%)

  4. 14-day, risk-free trial period

Styletto Hearing Aid by Signia available at CHC-NY

Styletto by Signia

There are so many reasons to give the latest wave of hearing aids a try! Models like OPN (from Oticon), Evoke (Widex), Audèo Marvel (Phonak) and Styletto (Signia) offer advanced functionality in designs that are more discreet than ever.

Attractive features

  1. Clearer, more natural sound so you hear more with less effort

  2. Wireless connectivity for hands-free calls and for listening to TV, music, e-books and podcasts

  3. Made-for-smartphone technology (iPhones & Androids) that customizes your listening experiences

  4. Rechargeable batteries that provide up to 18 hours of continuous streaming on a single charge

Up-to-date audiogram required

This complimentary listening demonstration requires a hearing test within the last six months. If your audiogram isn’t up to date, you’re invited to schedule a hearing test and then take advantage of this special offer at a date that is convenient for you. Hearing tests are typically covered by government and private insurance plans.

Contact us

You’ll need an appointment, so contact us today at (917) 305-7766 or click below. Don’t miss out!

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