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Hearing Aid Technology Open House 2015

In celebration of Better Hearing and Speech Month, the Center for Hearing and Communication invites you to experience the latest in hearing aid technology at no cost to you. Please join us for a Spring Hearing Technology Open House May 13-15 in New York where you can try out new hearing aids by all the major manufacturers (including Oticon, Widex, Phonak and Starkey) and receive other complimentary benefits.

Hearing Aid Open House Benefits

  1. Free Listening Demonstration*

  2. 14-Day Risk-Free Trial

  3. $750 Discount (purchase of a pair)

  4. Complimentary Accessories (restrictions apply)

  5. 6-month 0% interest financing

* Requires a hearing test within the last 9 months. Those without a recent hearing evaluation are invited to schedule one and then take advantage of this offer.

Now is a great time to demo the new hearing aid technology and benefit from innovative features that are improving the quality of life every day for our clients:

Enhanced Sound Quality – Experience a more natural quality of sound and enhanced speech understanding, even in difficult listening situations. Wireless Connectivity – Hearing aids today are like a virtual Bluetooth headset, connecting wirelessly to your mobile phone, television and other electronic devices. Tinnitus Management – Certain models come with soothing sounds to ease the symptoms of tinnitus (or ringing in the ear). More Styles and Colors – The new hearing instruments come in smaller, more discreet sizes, and in colors that will appeal to your sense of style. In-the-Ear-Canal – CHC is pleased to offer completely invisible instruments that fit comfortably in the ear canal, including Lyric, a 60-day extended wear hearing aid.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to experience the latest in hearing aid technology.

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