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Dear CHC Friend,

Reagan and Emmett

I cried when I found out my son, Emmett, failed his newborn hearing screening. It brought back memories of the stress and challenges I struggled with as a child with hearing loss. My own hearing issues were never properly addressed when I was young. I couldn’t hear well, so I learned to tune out and avoid certain social situations. At school I worked extra hard to compensate for everything I was missing. The thought of Emmett going through what I had experienced was overwhelming.

We Felt Completely Supported

When we met the team at CHC, I began to see a different future for Emmett. In the span of weeks, his hearing was tested, he was fitted with hearing aids, and he began listening and speech therapy twice a week. I saw him benefiting from all the services CHC has to offer. We felt completely supported—everyone was genuinely so caring.

Now that Emmett is in kindergarten, he has academic support sessions with CHC’s education specialists. They’ve helped him to stay on par with his classmates. And they’ve helped me navigate a complex system I could never have done on my own.

CHC has Made an Enormous Difference

When I pick Emmett up from school and see him racing around with his friends, I’m reminded that everything is going to be just fine. And that is true with his little sister, Reagan, who was also born with a hearing loss and receives services at CHC. She’ll be three soon, and every day I’m amazed when we chat after preschool and she tells me about her day.

The quality and range of care we’ve received at CHC has made an enormous difference in our lives, and we’re just one of thousands of families and individuals helped by CHC each year.

Their Work is Possible Only with Donors Like You

Their incredible work is possible only with contributions from donors like you. Over half of their operating expenses are covered by fundraising. And CHC makes its services available to all, regardless of financial situation.

Please make a donation today in any amount you can. Help ensure that no child’s hearing issues go untreated like mine, and that every child has the opportunity to benefit from CHC’s expert care.

Warmest wishes,

Pamela Han

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Maria Kenneth
Maria Kenneth

This touching story really highlights the life-changing impact of CHC's services for children with hearing challenges. It's heartwarming to see how the organization has supported this family, just as omegle helps connect people in need with the right resources. A small donation can make a world of difference for families like this one.

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