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ASL Instruction

Why should I learn to Sign?

Here are some benefits to learning sign language:

  • It's a beautiful language that is gaining in popularity (3rd most studied language)

  • Being Bilingual boosts the brain

  • Sign Language is a visual language that helps with visual-spatial reasoning

  • Sign Language is a good language to learn if you have a learning difficulty and need to fulfill a school language requirement

  • Communicate with someone who is deaf/hard of hearing

  • Have language with someone who is nonverbal (infants, individuals with Autism)

  • Professions that use Sign Language

  • Communicating across a room when talking is not permitted


ASL Instruction

Our ASL instruction is provided for various levels starting with beginning level and can continue with more advanced classes. You will be introduced to ASL and develop some understanding and appreciation for deaf culture.  You can learn ASL in private tutoring sessions or in a classroom setting. We also offer family sign courses which are interactive and fun, with a focus on learning functional sign language for household communication.

Our in-class instruction is offered at:

The Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC)
2900 West Cypress Creek Road, Suite 3, in Ft. Lauderdale


Contact Carolyna Otero at to find out when future courses will take place.

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