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Free Hearing Screenings

Has your hearing changed?

The Center for Hearing and Communication recommends an annual hearing screening for everyone because your health is our #1 priority. 

Take the FREE

5-min hearing screening 


The screening is quick and may be done from any device with a headset or earbuds. 

See your screening results



Review your results so you know where you stand.

Remember to check your hearing annually

Hearing Test

If you did not pass this screening, the next step is a full hearing test.

Guidelines for a successful screening

  • Find a quiet space

  • Make sure you have handy wireless or wired headset or earbuds

  • This screening is intended for age 18 years and older

  • Although the screening is not a replacement for a hearing test, it is a great indicator as to where your hearing stands

This screening is intended for people 18 years and older who have noticed a change in their hearing for the first time. If you are an existing client and have noticed a change in your hearing, please reach out to your CHC audiologist or contact us for assistance.

Do you have a question? Use the button below and ask an expert.

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