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Skyline New York

CHC's Guide to NYC

A guide for better communication so that everyone
can experience all that NYC has to offer.

Make it even more enjoyable with these resources.



Theater Access for Everyone

Following the dialogue and lyrics of live theater can be challenging. Increase your enjoyment of Broadway and other shows by using assistive listening devices or real-time captioning or attending sign language interpreted performances.

Work & Eat


Make Dining Out More Enjoyable

NYC has some of the best food in the world. But, trying to keep up with conversations in noisy restaurants can diminish the fun. Increase everyone’s enjoyment by seeking quieter spots and give CHC’s tips a try for making communication better.

Art Gallery


Get the Most Out of Museum Visits

Visiting museums is a classic way to enjoy the city. Participating fully in the tours or programs can enhance your experience. Find what is offered across the city to make these events accessible with captioning, hearing assistive devices and sign language interpreting.

Movie Fun


Catch Every Word at the Movies

The city's wide offering of films is a favorite pass time for many. Yet, catching the dialog, voice-overs, and lyrics can be challenging. Enhance your experience by selecting theaters that provide closed captioning (CC), open captioning (OC), and assistive listening devices.

Let CHC Be Your Partner

CHC, a trusted hearing health center, offers state-of-the-art hearing testing, hearing aid fittings, emotional health counseling, speech therapy, and educational support services for people of all ages affected by hearing loss, deafness, or listening challenges. CHC is also a leader in educating the public about the impacts of noise on hearing and health. Learn more at

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Online Hearing







Tips & Resources

Friendly Young Doctor


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Ask the Experts

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