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Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center (FRC) offers an array of programs throughout the year to address hearing loss and its impact on the individual and the family across the life span. 

CHC’s Family Resource Center, which includes the Muriel and Murry Kalik Connection Center, provides information and support so that parents and family members can make informed decisions to address their individual needs.

The goal of the Family Resource Center (FRC) which includes the Muriel and Murry Kalik Connection Center, is to support and empower families as they navigate complicated educational, emotional and social issues related to childhood deafness and auditory challenges. Through the FRC, CHC psychologists, social workers, audiologists, speech therapists and educators take the time that is truly needed to provide support, practical advice, and crucial referrals to families.


The programs span across all clinical disciplines of the agency:

  • Communications

  • Audiology

  • Emotional Health and Wellness

  • Educational Support 


Our holistic approach addresses the developmental, social, emotional, and academic impact of hearing loss not only on the child but the entire family as well. 

Activites and Workshops

Activities and Workshops

Muriel and Murry Connection Center

Muriel and Murry Kalik Connection Center

The Muriel and Murry Kalik Connection Center provides the opportunity for individuals and families coping with the impact of hearing loss and deafness to connect with each other through a wide range of programming and provides critical information, support, and guidance to individuals and families who are often isolated when facing the challenges of hearing loss and deafness.

Below are some of the programs offered:

  • Individual and Group Parent Support Sessions

  • Individual and Group Technology Workshops

  • Family Center Workshops

  • Parent to Parent Support

  • Communication Strategies Groups for Seniors

  • Mentorship programs for individuals and families

  • Media Center for Training and Outreach

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