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Florida Telecommunications
Relay, Inc.

Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. (FTRI) provides special telephones for Hard of Hearing, Deaf, Deaf/Blind, and Speech Impaired Florida residents. CHC-FL is pleased to participate in the Telephone Distribution Program, which offers a variety of amplified telephones to meet the needs of individuals with a mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss.


CHC-FL is the largest distributor of phones in Florida, serving ALL of

S. Florida. Staff is trained in identifying the best product for the

individual that needs assistance in utilizing the services. Staff provides

both off-site distribution/training for individuals, as well as on-site

distribution/training. It is an invaluable service that helps individuals

connect and engage in their community with others.



  • To qualify for a FREE special phone, you must be a permanent Florida resident, at least three years of age, and certified as having a hearing loss or speech impairment.

  • Visit to learn more about our free amplified phones.

  • Take this 5-minute hearing test to see if you are eligible.

  •  Fill out the FTRI application and bring it to our offices. 

  • In order to receive specialized telephone equipment you
    must provide proof of eligibility with one of the following:

    • Florida Driver's License

    • Florida Voter Registration Card

    • Florida Identification Card

    • Florida Vehicle Registration

    • Florida Medicaid Card

    • Letter from Social Security with your name and Florida address


Client Certification: The Following professionals can certify a client as being Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf/Blind, or Speech Impaired:

  • Deaf Service Center Director (CHC- can certify on-site with proper documentation of hearing loss (i.e., copy of audiogram, 5-minute hearing test (test attached), Drs. note, hearing aid user)

  • Hearing Healthcare Professional

  • Audiologist

  • Licensed Physician

  • Speech Pathologist

  • Appropriate State/Federal Agency Representative

  • State Certified Teacher for the Hearing Impaired or Visually Impaired

Bring documentation (proof of Fl residency, application, and proof of hearing loss) to pick up your free phone to the following address:

Center for Hearing and Communication

2900 West Cypress Creek Road, Suite 3

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

  • Our private entrance & parking is located in back of the building

  • Schedule to pick up your phone today: M-F 9:00am to 11:30am and 1:00pm to 4:30pm

  • Walk-in hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am to 11:30am and 1:00pm to 4:30pm

  • Alternative locations: Please call us for alternative distribution sites or educational presentations and group remote distributions can be arranged.

Offsite distributions: If your organization is interested in the distribution of specialized phones for members or residents, please phone us at 954-601-1930 or send an email to


For more information, please call 954-601-1930.

Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc.:

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