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Adult Speech and
Language Therapy

Life as a deaf or hard of hearing person in a hearing world takes extra effort every day. But with a plan and steadfast support from CHC’s speech-language clinicians, it doesn’t have to be a struggle.


Services for Adults

  • Speech and voice evaluation

  • Adult audiology services coordination

  • Auditory training and speech and communication therapy

  • Post-cochlear implant rehabilitation therapy

  • Speechreading training

  • Short Course: Communicating Better with Hearing Loss

  • Support groups


Speech Therapy 

Adults with hearing loss who have improved their communication skills report additional benefits that include improved relationships with families and co-workers; better self-esteem; improved mental health, and greater independence and security.


Auditory Therapy

The goal of an auditory-therapy program is for a hard or hearing or deaf adult to make the best use of whatever hearing they have also known as their residual hearing. This individualized program may be recommended if:

  • Your audiologist has told you that your word recognition skills are poorer than would be expected based on your audiogram

  • You have essentially good listening skills in quiet settings, but experience inordinate difficulty comprehending speech from a distance or in the presence of background noise

  • You are experiencing difficulty adjusting to the use of a hearing aid or cochlear implant


Speech and Language Evaluation/ Therapy

Individual speech and/or language therapy may be needed by those individuals who were born with a hearing loss or who have experienced long-standing early-onset hearing loss. The focus of this program is to improve an individual’s oral language skills and may include:

  • Vocabulary development and usage

  • Voice production

  • Articulation improvement

Speechreading (or lipreading) Therapy

“Learning to speech read has improved my life! I truly could not exist in the environment that I live in without speechreading along with my aided hearing.” – CHC Client

People with all degrees of hearing loss can discover better communication by learning to speech read (also known as lipread). Working one-on-one as well as in a group setting, an expert from the CHC team can help you to decipher sounds and conversation cues by observing a person’s mouth, facial expressions, and gestures.

Contact us at to see if speechreading could help you connect to life. Certain private and government insurance plans provide coverage for speechreading therapy.

Services for Adults
Speech Therapy
Speech Evaluation

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