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Calendar of Programs
and Events

At the Center for Hearing and Communication, we offer a wide range of programs for those impacted by hearing loss to connect, learn from CHC experts and gain support from those experiencing similar situations. We also host and participate in webinars that focus on audiology services, hearing technology, and speech and language therapy.

Check out the events calendar below and sign up for a program that interests you.


Events are held in person and virtually and happen throughout the year.

If you are interested in having CHC present a topic to your community, click HERE to submit a request. 


Fundraising Events




Event Calendar

CHC's Calendar of Programs and Events*

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Fundraising Event

*Please note some programs/events are intended for select groups and thus attendance may be limited. But if you see something interesting, please reach out, and let's find a way to share the information with your community. 

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