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The best hearing aid is the one that works best for YOU!
- Michele DiStefano, Director or Audiology

Audiologists at CHC’s Berelson Hearing Technology Center in NYC and in our Ft. Lauderdale office are skilled in assessing your hearing and communication needs and providing custom solutions to help you hear and communicate with confidence. Our services relating to hearing aids are extensive and include hearing aid fitting and sales, repair of hearing aids, device counseling, and more. 

We provide comprehensive hearing aid testing and fitting to infants, children, and adults with all degrees of hearing loss.  No one is too young and no one is too old to benefit from amplification and we will work with you to find the best option for your individual needs.

Buying a Hearing Aid
Repairs and Exchanges

Purchasing a Hearing Aid or Accessory

Below is the step by step process to ensure we fit you with the

right hearing aids:

  • Take a hearing test (if you've had one in the last six months
    from a licensed Audiologist we can use it)


  • Get Medical Clearance from a physician.  This can be done by
    our otologist on-site or from your physician.


  • Set up a consultation with a CHC Audiologist (we can do this 
    in person or via telehealth)


  • Together we'll review your options and order the best aids
    to support your hearing loss and lifestyle


  • We'll have a final meeting to fit you with your new aids

Buying a Hearing Aid or Accessory Through CHC

CHC carries hearing devices by all the leading manufacturers including Oticon, Widex, Signia, Phonak, Starkey, and Resound. As a not-for-profit hearing center, our only commitment is to you, our clients.

Hearing Aid Styles, Custom Ear Mold, Accessories

Visit this page to learn more about the various options that may work for you.

Assistive Listening and Alerting Devices

Visit this page to learn more about the various devices available to support

your lifestyle.

Recent Purchase or Repair Inquiry?

Call or send us an email to connect with our dispensary for

information about a recent purchase, or repair, including:

  • Recently purchased hearing aids or another device

  • An earmold

  • Hearing aids in for repair

  • Your hearing aid warranty

  • Inquire about remote service capabilities

NY Office: 917-305-7921,

FL Office:  954-601-1930,


If you decide to exchange your recently purchased hearing aid for another model, we will gladly accommodate that change in accordance with state regulations; 45 days in NY and 30 days in FL.  Our only commitment is to hearing health care of the highest caliber. If you wish to do so, contact your audiologist who will be happy to help you.

Do you have a question? Use the button below and ask an expert.

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