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Whether you're an adult who was born with a hearing loss, has a newly diagnosed hearing loss or you're concerned about a loved one with hearing loss, you have found the right place.  At CHC, our mission is to provide high-quality, comprehensive services in partnership with highly skilled experts to empower people affected by hearing loss, deafness, or listening challenges. 

Be sure to check out our services listed below and our calendar of EVENTS.

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Supporting Clients, Community Partners, and Caregivers


old man with hearing aid
  • One out of three people over the age of 65 and two out of three over 75 have a hearing loss

  • About 95% of those with hearing loss can be helped with devices such as hearing aids but only 1 in 5 use them

  • Untreated hearing loss in older people is related to depression, anxiety, isolation, risk of falling/decreased mobility, and more negative life quality factors

  • People who treat their hearing loss with hearing aids socialize more and often maintain their health and independence longer


  • CHC offers educational services (customizable for your organization and the older adults you serve). Click here if you are interested in CHC presenting a topic to your community

  • CHC is able to perform diagnostic tests for hearing loss (online and when safe to do so, on our mobile unit)

  • CHC has access to a wide range of treatment options from communication strategies, low-cost amplification to hearing aids

  • CHC is able to develop in-service training for the staff on your team who work with older adults


  • For the homebound older adult, CHC offers an online hearing screening and an in-home hearing test with a tablet sent to the individual for testing

  • We can provide remote audiology and other services including emotional health support.

  • We can recommend hearing aids that can be programmed remotely and include family members in the programming process

  • There are many small adjustments that can be made in the home to reduce frustration and allow the person in your care to feel more independent. These include amplified phones, flashing or vibrating alarms, and television-specific assistive listening devices (ALDs)

  • Connect with the person for whom you are caring and learn what works best for them in terms of communication. For example, do they hear better from the left vs. right ear? Do they want to see your face so they may lipread? 


Resources to Help Older Adults with Hearing Loss

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Communit Partner Request Form

Community Partner Request Form



Community Partner Request Form

Welcome to the Center for Hearing and Aging. We provide hearing education sessions and diagnostic services (online and in-person on our audiological mobile unit) as well as in-service for professionals and staff who work with older adults. Please fill out this form and we'll contact you to discuss. 

Here is a sampling of the presentations we can offer. Please select the topics that are of interest to you/ your group.
Preferred Days/ Times for Presentations
Would you like to set up an in-service for the staff?
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