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Elizabeth Abruntilla

Case Manager

I’m Elizabeth Abruntilla, Case Manager for the Family Strengthening Program. I’m Deaf and grew up in Miami, Florida. I’m currently working at CHC while attending MDC Kendall and my goal is to be Paralegal for Civil Rights ADA discrimination.
Since December 12, 2018, I have worked at the Center for Hearing and Communication. I love my job helping Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and families here in Broward County. I teach parents and families about Deaf culture and how to connect with the Deaf community. I help families connect to resources to support independence and empowerment including financial resources, food security, academic resources, and ADA rights. I help DHH families connect and bond by building communication by teaching ASL and connecting families with others the DHH community. I currently work with families and educate agencies that may not have the resources or knowledge of DHH needs in order to provide the most success possible to those we work with.