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Emotional Health and
Wellness Support

Hearing loss does not have to define you, but it is part of who you are. And while being deaf or hard of hearing doesn't cause emotional distress, it can have a powerful impact on emotional health. There are numerous studies that correlate the relationship between hearing loss and increased risk for mental distress.   While hearing loss can have an impact on your emotional well being it does not have to stop you from living your best life.

Regardless of age, you are not alone if you:

  • Feel isolated

  • Unsure how to build positive social and life management skills

  • Cannot follow the conversations at work, with your closest friends, at school

  • Have difficultly hearing people in a new normal where people wear masks

  • Feel weighed down by your invisible disability

  • Have a hard time advocating for yourself and securing the tools you need to succeed personally and professionally

  • Would like to talk to someone or a group of people who understand your concerns

  • Have been unsuccessful in finding support from a professional who knows ASL

  • Struggle at school/ work and are unsure of how to ask for help

  • Feel self-conscious about dating, making new friends, working with new technologies

  • Unsure how best to support your loved one with hearing loss

Even the most talented therapists, if not specialized in providing treatment for this population, will lack a full appreciation of specific emotional challenges, that can only come with experience and knowledge, that impact the lives of adults, children, and families who have hearing loss as part of their lives. There are many unique life circumstances that test us - hearing parents of deaf children, deaf children with hearing parents, being the only deaf person in the family, coming to terms with one's identity at various life stages, negative emotional messages from people/the world/schools/workplace.


We want you to find the right support (emotional, mental, and technological) so you can focus on living your best life. 

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