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NYC's Emotional Health and
Wellness Support

We have extensive experience and knowledge of specific emotional issues that Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Deafblind people face. We also help individuals, families, couples, and groups who are having difficulty managing their concerns about depression, anxiety, stress, anger, sexuality, or illness, and other conditions. 

Baker Family Emotional Health

and Wellness Center

We recognize that making the decision to

seek help is an important first step and

perhaps has been a thought that

you have been contemplating for some

time. The decision to come and seek

counseling – either for yourself, with

your partner or spouse, or for your child

or adolescent – is not always an easy one,

but it can be an exciting time and

an opportunity to change your life.

The Baker Family Emotional Health and Wellness Center at CHC is one of New York City’s premier providers of mental health psychotherapeutic and psychiatric services for adults and children. We are one of the few multidisciplinary NYS Office of Mental Health licensed outpatient services with

therapists fluent in American Sign Language, established to support primarily, but not exclusively,

the Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and Deaf-Blind communities and their families. In our private and confidential offices or via teletherapy, we will work with our clients and their loved ones to determine the best possible road to emotional and psychological well-being.

The Emotional Health and Wellness Center is dedicated to improving the lives children and families that are impacted by hearing loss. We create a therapeutic environment promoting the most positive emotional development and embedded in the belief that children need to feel respected, valued, able to build trust, love themselves, and feel safe in the world.









Services for Adults and Children*

  • Individual psychotherapy

  • Couples therapy

  • Family therapy

  • Therapeutic support groups

  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management

  • Crisis intervention

  • Information and referral

    *all services are American Sign Language accessible

Baker Family Emotional Health and Wellness Center Hearing Loss Support Groups 

Facing a major life situation can make us feel like we are the “only one.” You are not alone. You don’t have to go it alone, and a therapeutic support group can help. Learn more and register for our support group meeting virtually on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.















Emotions and Situations
Support Groups

Are you feeling?

  • Anxiety

  • Sadness

  • Confusion

  • Anger

  • Depressed

  • Stuck

Are you experiencing?

  • Peer or relationship conflict

  • Grief after a loved one has passed

  • Parenting issues

  • School or work problems

  • Aging, marriage, divorce, or intimate relationship problems

Benefits of Group Therapy

Please inquire about current groups that are running.

Benefits of Group Therapy

  • Connect in a safe place and know that you are not alone

  • Increased awareness of your own patterns of thought/ feeling/ behavior

  • Receive empathy

  • May feel less lonely, isolated, or judged

  • Develop a sense of empowerment and control

  • Improve coping skills

  • Share your feelings more openly and honestly

  • Less stress, depression, and anxiety

Referral Information
Contact the Team


The Baker Family Emotional Health and Wellness Center welcomes referrals of all ages by word-of-mouth, individuals, from professionals in health care, social services, legal, vocational, and all levels of educational services.


Contact us

We participate in many health insurance plans which cover most of the fees for psychotherapeutic services at CHC. If you don’t have coverage, our therapists will work with you to find a fee that is mutually comfortable.

Our clinicians are available for phone consultations to review clinical details, health insurance coverage, discuss the details of our referral process, and any other relevant matters. To schedule an appointment or make a referral please contact us.

Do you have a question? Use the button below and ask an expert.

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