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Providing hearing screenings at companies,
schools, senior centers, or community health fairs
throughout New York City.

NYC Mobile Hearing Screenings

Bringing healthy hearing to your community


The unit comes equipped with a CHC licensed audiologist who can conduct up to 85 screenings

in a typical 6-hour day. The Mobile Unit is completely self-contained and includes a state-of-the-art, sound-proof testing booth as well as a wheelchair lift and a waiting room that holds up to four people

CHC’s Mobile Unit is available at a fee for organizations interested in offering hearing screenings for any number of purposes:

  • Companies from many different industries provide free screenings to their employees as part of their overall health and wellness plan. Healthy hearing helps improve communication within an organization and increase productivity.

  • Industrial screenings are often provided by companies whose employees may be exposed to noise and at risk for hearing problems. CHC’s Mobile Unit can visit a company and not only conduct hearing screenings but also fit employees with custom hearing protection. Hearing screenings can be implemented to meet OSHA guidelines.

  • Private schools use the Mobile Unit to provide hearing screenings for their students. It’s important to detect hearing loss in school-age children because even a very mild hearing loss, left untreated, can negatively impact a child’s academic performance.

  • Cause marketing is another way that companies and brands utilize the mobile unit. By bringing hearing health care to public spaces in New York City, brands bring a valuable service to local communities and demonstrate their commitment to improving the lives and wellness of New Yorkers.

  • Community health fairs are an opportunity to bring hearing health care to senior centers, schools, churches, and local communities, especially those in underserved neighborhoods.

  • Individuals and foundations often become a sponsor of the Mobile Unit so that they can bring hearing health care to individuals who might not otherwise receive the care.


Call us at 917-305-7751 to learn more or you can send an email inquiry using the button below.

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