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Adult Aural Rehabilitation 

Speech-language pathologists offer innovative therapies to improve listening, speech and language skills in adults, particularly those using hearing aids
or a cochlear implant for the first time.

Services At A Glance

Unlock your listening and communication potential with these life-enhancing services available through in-office or teletherapy visits: 

  • Comprehensive Listening Evaluation - A comprehensive assessment of your current level of functioning in everyday listening situations with your existing hearing device(s).

  • Auditory Training and Speech and Communication Therapy - Weekly aural rehabilitation sessions tailored to the needs of your specific listening and communication goals.

  • Post-Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation - Targeted therapy to jumpstart and maximize your ability to hear and communicate post-surgery. 

  • Speech Evaluation - A comprehensive evaluation of your speech skills to determine a targeted approach to improving articulation.


Aural Rehabilitation Therapy

The purpose of Aural Rehabilitation Therapy is to help you make

the best use of whatever hearing you have (i.e., residual hearing)

so that you can be confident and thrive in everyday listening


You could be a candidate for Auditory-Aural Rehabilitation
Therapy if
you struggle to comprehend speech in noise, if you're

transitioning to the use of hearing aids or a cochlear implant, or 

if your word recognition skills are poorer than your audiogram

would suggest.

Our program begins with a Functional Listening Evaluation, and then working collaboratively, we establish therapy goals. 8-10 therapy sessions would follow. Specific objectives might include:

  • Structured listening activities to improve speech perception in both noise and quiet environments

  • Speechreading (i.e., lipreading) training supplement missed auditory information

  • Instruction on communication strategies for use in challenging listening environments

Both evaluation and treatments can be provided in-person or via telehealth.

Special Offer May/June 2024 - In celebration of National Speech-Language-Hearing Month, we're offering a one-hour Comprehensive Functional Listening Evaluation at no cost to you. To request your complimentary evaluation, contact us at 917-305-7840 or use the button below and indicate 'Free Listening Eval' in the comment box.

Contact Us

Contact us at to see if the above services could enhance your ability to hear and communicate. Certain private and government insurance plans provide coverage for many of the above services.

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