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Ft. Lauderdale
Audiology Services

The effects of hearing loss are complex. Hearing loss often causes or is clustered with medical, financial, physical, and emotional complications, like anxiety and a sense of isolation. A communicative challenge such as hearing loss not only affects the person who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing, but also all those with whom s/he interacts. Thus, CHC is an invaluable resource for parents, siblings, friends, teachers, employers, and employees of people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

CHC’s highly-qualified and licensed audiologist offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach through its specialized clinical and support services for people of all ages.

















  • Comprehensive audiological evaluations

  • Hearing aid consultations and orientation

  • Hearing aid fitting and evaluation

  • Real-world, audiovisual hearing aid programming

  • Hearing aid repair/emergency hearing aid repair (loaner aids when available) and earmolds

  • Assistive devices demonstrations and counseling

  • Adult Hearing Aid Consultation & Evaluation

  • FM Systems evaluation

  • Custom hearing protection and headphones/earpieces


65+ Community

We can help you make sense of all of the options out there and provide a customized solution to meet your specific needs and budget. We do not force one size fits all, we listen to your needs and incorporate that into our guidance and work with you to ensure you are successfully adapting to hearing loss. Below is a list of benefits we're able to pass on to you. ​​

  • Remote services

  • Informative and impactful educational programming

  • Clinical diagnosis and evaluation services

  • An array of treatment options to help senior adults with hearing loss



Working With Your Audiologist

Your audiologist will conduct a comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for hearing devices. Based on your evaluation, the audiologist may recommend a solution to fit your needs. Digital technology allows the advantageous shaping of sound in many useful ways. Your audiologist will work with you to review hearing solutions. The two of you will select the best options and devices to overcome your hearing challenge.


Did You Know?

  • One in five Americans experience hearing loss, 80% do nothing about it

  • Approximately 26 million Americans between the ages of 20-69 have high-frequency hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises

  • Health consequences associated with hearing loss included increased risk of dementia, falls, hospitalizations, and diminished physical and mental health

  • Hearing loss is the third most common physical condition after arthritis and hypertension


Take a proactive approach to your wellbeing-start with your hearing health today.  Schedule your appointment today (954) 601-1930 or email us here. We also invite you to contact us about an online screening.



Click here to learn how to read an audiogram.

Working with your Audiologist
65+ Community
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