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NYC Otology

Adult and Pediatric ENT Services

Otology services by a Board Certified ENT physician are available for medical issues related to your ears.

We provide a general otological examination to make sure that there is no medical reason that you should not receive hearing aids and will provide medical clearance for amplification.

We also provide cerumen management and can help you to obtain other medical diagnostic procedures related to the diagnosis of your hearing loss when needed.

Ototoxic Medications

Certain medications can cause damage to your hearing or aggravate an existing hearing issue. Hearing problems (such as a hearing loss or ringing in the ear) resulting from ototoxic medications typically occur when the recommended dosage is exceeded. Often these problems are reversible upon discontinuation of the drug. Occasionally there are times when this change in hearing can be permanent.

Discuss with your Physician and Pharmacist

If you are experiencing a hearing problem, or if there is a hearing disorder in your family, it is imperative that your treating physician and pharmacist be aware of this fact. The Center for Hearing and Communication encourages you to take responsibility in knowing which drugs you should try to avoid.

Ototoxic medications include certain antibiotics, chemotherapeutic drugs, diuretics, and salicylates in high doses. To learn more about ototoxic medications, visit


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