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For your convenience and safety, we invite you to

connect with a CHC  clinician virtually from your home

or wherever you may be located. We provide

state-of-the-art, accurate, high-quality, and compassionate

care, to help you or your loved one hear and communicate

your best and without limits. Be sure to connect with your

clinician to review what services are available to meet your needs.

Audiology Services

  • Take an annual hearing test from home (existing clients only)

  • Troubleshoot and issues with your hearing aids and determine how best to resolve the concern

  • Program your hearing aids remotely (depending on model)

    Express Pick-up/ Drop-Off

  • Clinicians can troubleshoot and issues with
    your hearing aids and determine how best to
    resolve the concern 

  • Express Drop-off and pick-up is now available
    for a repair If you don't need to see a clinician



Speech and Language Services

  • Individual sessions for children and adults

  • Speechreading training for adults

  • Parent-child infant and toddler groups for
    support in listening and spoken language skill development

  • Pediatric speech-language groups









Emotional Health and Wellness Services

  • Use two-way, real-time interactive audio and video equipment that provides and supports clinical care at a distance

  • Offers the immediacy of connecting to your therapist over distances 

  • Offer more direct collaboration among treating providers, case managers, patients, family members, and other supportive people in a person's life (when called for)

Educational Services

  • Offer remote-learning and home-school consultant services for students of
    all ages with hearing loss

  • Support your child’s virtual learning curriculum 

  • Take the pressure of prioritizing and organizing your child’s school day off of you

  • Providing on-line virtual after-school academic support and cultural activities

  • Comprehensive virtual learning opportunities tailored to ages 3-22



Benefits of Teletherapy:

  • Cultural and linguistic competencies 

  • Convenience and comfort of being at home

  • No transportation time or costs

  • Can eliminate child or elder care issues

  • Maintains social distancing 

  • No waiting room time


Teletherapy is conducted via secure, confidential, and HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platforms and may be right for you.



Contact CHC today for assistance with the care you may need to be provided via telehealth.


Do you have a question? Use the button below and ask an expert.

* While most services are available from both locations, please confirm your request with your office of choice. 

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