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Our educational services are designed to help bridge the gaps between therapies, audiological services, and a student’s classroom environment based on their auditory needs.


Your Child with Hearing Loss Can
Thrive Academically


CHC’s certified Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing are specially trained to provide support services that will enhance the academic experience. Our goal is to contribute to each student’s ability to reach their true potential in the least restrictive classroom environment. 

A CHC Teacher of the Deaf will work closely with you, your child, and your child’s teachers to provide:

  • Support for the Student - Ensure your child has appropriate support
    services to be successful whether engaged in remote learning or

  • Support for Educators - Provide support to educators on how to use
    assistive technology appropriately, to optimize the child’s auditory
    access in their educational setting.

  • Direct Academic Services - Provide direct academic services aimed at
    preparing for and reinforcing the curriculum across all core subjects.

  • Support for Parents - Guide parents throughout their child’s academic
    career so that they may become their primary advocate.

CHC's Action Plan for Success in School


1. Educational Support Services

CHC is here for you every step of the way in your child’s listening, language, social-emotional and educational development. Educational support is a vitally important step in your child’s journey with hearing loss because it bridges the gap between center-based speech/language therapy and the academic environment.

Services include:

  • Special Instruction (EI)

  • Reading and writing support

  • Math support

  • Academic groups 

  • Organization/classroom strategies

  • IEP support

  • School admissions support

  • School observations

  • Teacher/ school in-services 


2. Advocacy


If your child with hearing loss is starting a new school or entering a new grade, now is the time to reach out and request a meeting with his/her teachers. A face-to-face meeting will allow you to provide a complete background on your child’s hearing loss and convey a thorough understanding of the communication challenges it poses in the classroom.

Below are some of the tools we're able to provide to your children's teachers:

3. Parent Involvement


CHC parents know that family-centered care is at the

heart of our children’s program. It is only with your

active participation and support that your child can successfully flourish as a learner.

 We encourage you to take time to sit with your child and have a meaningful discussion about their hopes and dreams for the existing and upcoming school year. Let them know that you are there to help them achieve their dreams. Share stories of times when you set your mind to accomplishing a goal and how it took hard work and dedication to succeed.

We encourage students to fill out a Hopes and Dreams worksheet. This activity allows children to plan out their hopes and dreams. 


Remote Learning and Homeschool
Consultant Services


Given the changes in the educational system, CHC is now offering remote-learning and home-school consultant services for students of all ages with hearing loss. These programs have been designed to support your child’s virtual learning curriculum and to take the pressure of prioritizing and organizing your child’s school day off of you. Click on the links below to learn more:

Tools to Help Your Child Succeed

We know there is more to life beyond school, which is why CHC had created materials to help your child thrive in various situations. See below for an overview. 


Tips for Parents to Share with Teachers /Schools


Reach out to teachers to help them understand the barriers to hearing that children with hearing loss face in the classroom or while learning remotely, and encourage teachers to make appropriate accommodations.


Also note, CHC's Teacher Of the Deaf and an Educational Audiologist can consult with your child's school to help implement sound field systems in their classrooms and come out to the school to conduct an in-service on hearing loss and/or auditory processing.


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