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Hearing Health Days at CHC-NY

Group visits for seniors

CHC’s Hearing Health Day program is a huge hit with seniors!

Carolyn Stern, manager of Hearing Health Days for NYC seniors

Carolyn Stern, Manager, Center for Hearing and Aging

For the past two years, senior groups have visited CHC-NY for a day of classes about hearing loss and treatment options. Many have been surprised to learn about the array of available treatment options which, in addition to hearing aids, includes:

  1. Assistive listening devices

  2. Communication strategies

  3. Emotional health and wellness counseling

Participants in the program also receive a complete  audiological evaluation and counseling in an encouraging and friendly atmosphere.

Access to quality hearing health care and accurate information about hearing loss is vitally important to seniors. One-third of people over the age of 65 and two-thirds over 75 have hearing loss. Since untreated hearing loss can put people at greater risk of isolation, depression, memory issues and falls, CHC strongly encourages seniors to be proactive in addressing their hearing health needs.

We’re thrilled that the program has touched the participants in so many meaningful ways. One attendee who suffered from hearing loss for years but never addressed it said, “If I had learned about the program eight years ago, my life would be so different.” Another participant shared, “The program helped me better understand my spouse’s problems with hearing.” And several seniors have expressed the belief that their participation has accelerated their willingness to pursue hearing aids.

Trusted hearing resource for seniors

Ellen Semel, Hearing Health Day

CHC is grateful to Ellen Semel, a dedicated volunteer who coordinated and escorted several Hearing Health Day group trips from her residential complex, Penn South, since the program’s inception. Both Ellen and CHC staff involved in the program find each group visit highly rewarding because many of the participants are looking for assistance with their hearing concerns, but don’t know where to turn for trusted guidance.

As Manager of CHC’s Center for Hearing and Aging, I am often asked what makes Hearing Health Days special. For me, it’s the fact that each participant learns through the program that they are not alone, and that there are many solutions and tips available to make living with a hearing loss less frustrating and more tolerable. They leave smarter about how to address their hearing issues.

A recent participant summed up the essence of her Hearing Health Day experience with this thoughtful insight: “The program demystifies hearing loss. Everyone gets it eventually and it can help people who are hesitant to help themselves.”

Contact us

If you are interested in participating in a Hearing Heatlh Day program at CHC or know of a senior group that would like to set up a visit, please contact me, Carolyn Stern, at or 917-305-7812.

You’re also invited to participate in our free weekly group devices demonstration every Thursday at 2:00 p.m. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about assistive devices that can help you communicate better and stay safe.

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