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Heat alert! Special care for hearing aids

Sound Advice by Ruth D. Bernstein

It’s HOT! For the past few days, I’ve been receiving Heat Advisories from NYC and New York State. They explain how I can take care of myself during this intense heat wave. No one mentions that, if you wear hearing aids, they need special care when temperatures soar because these devices do not react well to heat and humidity.

They need to be put in a dehumidifier at the end of the day. There are numerous hearing aid dehumidifiers you can use. You put the aids in them and they dry overnight. They are easy to use and some don’t need any electricity, which I appreciate because my assistive listening system, cell phone and portable charger are usually plugged in.

I use the

Hal-Hen Super Dri-Aid device, but there are many good options. Other companies you can check out include Harris Communications and Dry and Store. Check with your audiologist or the manufacturer of your specific hearing aid as they may have devices best suited for your aids.

If you need additional guidance keeping your hearing aids in tip-top condition, schedule an appointment at CHC-NY.

For general tips on travel, HLAA NYC President Katherine Bouton has written Traveling with Chargers (and Hearing Aids).

Stay cool, wear a hat and sunscreen, drink lots of water and take care of your hearing devices. You will be happy you did.

Ruth D. Bernstein Consumer Advocate

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