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Special offer for Widex Beyond users

Discover benefits of rechargeable technology

Here’s terrific news for anyone who purchased Widex’s Beyond Fusion hearing aids in the past two years.

CHC audiologists can convert your hearing aid into a rechargeable aid that will eliminate your having to fuss with disposable batteries. Using a simple kit provided by Widex, CHC can retrofit your Beyond Fusion hearing aid with rechargeable technology.

Rechargeable hearing aids are growing in popularity – and for good reason! Today’s rechargeable technology provides a full day of power on a single charge, lots of streaming time and incredible ease of use.

Special offer through August 3rd

Now through Friday, August 3, 2018, contact CHC-NY to request an appointment to have your Widex Beyond hearing aids equipped with rechargeable technology at a special cost of $395 (represents a $20 discount). This is a flat fee that applies whether you have one or two aids. The fee covers parts (including the charger) and the office visit, but please note this service is not covered by insurance.

The retrofitting is completed in a single half-hour appointment, during which you will also receive training on the simple-to-use charger.

To request an appointment, please contact our dispensary at (917) 305-7921 or use the link below to email your inquiry.

We hope Beyond users take advantage of this unique opportunity and encourage anyone to contact us if they have questions.

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