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CHC's Top Tech Tools for National Audiology Awareness Month

Updated: Feb 10

By Michele DiStefano, Director of Audiology, CHC

Michele DiStefano, AuD, CCC-A

As we celebrate National Audiology Awareness Month, I am excited to share some of the remarkable advancements in hearing technology that are transforming the lives of people with hearing loss.

When you see your audiologist and discuss your hearing and communication needs—as I encourage all adults to do annually!—ask if the tech tools below might offer helpful solutions to meet your needs.

CHC's Top Tech Innovations

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have evolved considerably over the past couple of years and now include these lifestyle-enhancing features:

  • Hands-Free Phone Calls - With Bluetooth compatible hearing aids and a smartphone, you can answer your cell phone calls directly from your hearing aids with the use of a button or a single tap. The microphone on your hearing aids acts as the microphone for your phone call, allowing for complete hands-free phone calls.

  • Longer Battery Charge - Rechargeable hearing aids now have an improved length of charge per day, allowing you to get at least 18 hours of use with Bluetooth streaming.

  • Waterproof Aids - Certain manufacturers now offer waterproof, rechargeable hearing aids that allow for use while swimming, at waterparks and even at the beach. They also reduce the effects of moisture when working out.

  • Remote Programming - While remote programming of hearing aids has been around for a couple of years, there have been significant advancements regarding the adjustments an audiologist can make remotely and the ease of connecting with your audiologist.

Captioning Services

Real-time captioning makes phone calls and other content that you interact with on your phone accessible. The latest developments you need to know are:

  • Captioned Phone Calls - The same free services that offer captioned telephones for landlines also offer free captioning service for smartphones. To learn more, check out InnoCaption and Sorenson.

  • Smartphone Captions - Your smartphone has captioning built into it, so you no longer have to download an app. Simply enable captions in the accessibility section of your smartphone settings. To learn more, check out Live Captions for iPhones and Live Transcribe for Androids.

Tinnitus Masking

Most hearing aid manufacturers now offer tinnitus masking options built into the hearing aid or the hearing aid app. Some have specific tinnitus masker apps that can be used even without hearing aids.

Noise Protection

We've seen advancements in noise protection over just the past several months. You'll find that universal earplugs now offer a better fit and there are many more options to choose from. With custom noise protection, we're seeing improved verification so you can be confident you're receiving the proper dampening of sounds.

Contact Us

I hope my list of tech tips has a solution or two that will work for you or someone you care about. I've seen clients really embrace the new technology and apply it to solve everyday communication difficulties—so it really can make a difference.

If you have questions about hearing technology, I'd be happy to address them. Feel free to contact me at If you'd like to schedule an appointment, please use the button below or contact us at (917) 305-7766 in New York or (954) 601-1930 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Wising you all the best during National Audiology Awareness Month!

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