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Fun Halloween Activity for Your Child with Hearing Loss

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Decorate a Jack-o'-Lantern, Celebrate Inclusion

By Sivan Levy, M.A.

Here's an idea for a fun Halloween activity you and your child with hearing loss can do at home.

Decorate a paper jack-o'-lantern together and include hearing devices just like the ones your child uses. It's super easy. Just print out the pdf below. It's complete with jack-o'-lantern, spooky facial features and hearing devices.

We encourage you to talk to your kids about their hearing technology as they decorate a pumpkin that represents them and their unique features. It's a fun way to celebrate Halloween and inclusivity!

We'd love to see pictures of the finished product! If you'd like, please email them to me at Here's one from a recent therapy session at CHC.

Happy Halloween, everyone!!

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