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Introducing the SoundMind program

Consider a unique clinical hearing healthcare program for adults with cognitive issues called SoundMind. Available at the Center for Hearing and Communication’s New York office, SoundMind is a program of clinical services tailored to meet the hearing and communication needs of older adults who are at-risk or have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia.

CHC is pleased to be partnering with the Alzheimer’s Association, New York City Chapter to increase awareness of hearing health and its impact on the wellbeing of adults living with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive issues.

SoundMind overview

Hearing health care plays a vitally important role in the quality of life for people living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. That’s why the Center for Hearing and Communication has developed a program of custom hearing care services specifically for people with Alzheimer’s and other kinds of memory issues.

Sound Mind helps seniors stay more connected to life through a multidisciplinary approach to hearing healthcare that includes:

  1. Hearing assessment

  2. Hearing device counseling

  3. Hearing aid fitting

  4. Communication and language therapy

  5. Emotional support

Participants in the Sound Mind program work closely with CHC’s highly regarded team of audiologists, speech pathologists, and mental health practitioners sensitive to the needs of older adults with thinking and memory challenges.

Caregivers and family members are encouraged to take an active role in all phases of the program, which CHC makes fully accessible to people with all degrees of hearing loss through the use of assistive listening devices and/or sign language interpreting.

Support Every Step of the Way

Participation in the Sound Mind program begins with a consultation to determine how we can best assist you and your loved one. An optional cognitive screening will be offered at that time.

A comprehensive hearing evaluation will be conducted by an audiologist who will explain the results in a patient and caring manner and discuss opportunities for enhanced hearing and quality of life.

If a hearing loss is confirmed, an amplification evaluation will be the next step. In this session an audiologist will recommend which type of hearing aid can help maximize hearing. Additional technology such as assistive listening and alerting devices will also be discussed.

Listening and Language training by a speech pathologist is available for individuals with a hearing loss and concerns about memory and thinking abilities. Participants learn listening, language, and communication strategies through stimulating exercises aimed at improving function with hearing and cognitive challenges.

If your loved one or a family member is experiencing difficulty coping with any of life’s challenges, a seasoned therapist is available to provide emotional counseling.

Why hearing health matters

Recent studies have found that untreated hearing loss can accelerate cognitive decline and exacerbate communication challenges due to Alzheimer’s disease. The studies suggest that dementia coupled with hearing loss puts a tremendous strain on the brain and may weaken its ability to process and store information. Seeking treatment for the hearing loss can improve an individual’s ability to communicate and help them to engage more with the world around them.

“There’s an urgent need to address the hearing problems of older adults, particularly those experiencing memory or thinking challenges,” says Dr. Laurie Hanin, CHC’s Executive Director. “One-third of people over the age of 65 and two-thirds over 75 have hearing loss. And while 90% of hearing loss is treatable, most people who could benefit from hearing aids don’t use them. When left untreated, hearing loss, much like Alzheimer’s, can lead to communication difficulties and withdrawal from social interaction. Sound Mind is a unique clinical program that considers the interplay of hearing health and cognitive decline with a customized suite of services and therapeutic techniques designed to address not only hearing but listening, communication, and memory skills as well.”

Contact us

To request an appointment or learn more about the SoundMind program, please call us at 917-305-7751 (v) or send us a message.

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