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New learning iPad app for kids with listening issues

Heymann Launches Learning App for Kids

Author and renowned Speech and Language Pathologist at the Center for Hearing and Communication, Lois Kam Heymann, has developed a new electronic application (app) called “Category Carousel” for speech pathologists, educators, parents and children. The app is designed to help kids develop and improve critical listening skills for learning and language development.

Category Carousel is the first in a series of apps Heymann is developing under her ListenLoveLearn® brand. Heymann is applying her 30+ years’ experience working with children, parents and professionals as a speech pathologist and trainer in creating a series of apps to help kids develop listening and language skills, so important for reaching their full potential. Currently, Heymann is Director of the Auditory Processing Center, a resource for children with listening, learning and auditory challenges at the Center for Hearing and Communication.

“Category Carousel” apps have been developed through an alliance with Synapse/Pocket SLP, a company with a successful track record of marketing apps for Speech and Language Pathologists. All ListenLoveLearn® apps will be available on iTunes.

“I’m so excited…with this fun, engaging tool I’m able to reach parents, children and professionals in this new and emerging apps format, offering lessons and exercises I’ve developed and used for many years in my private practice with hundreds of children and their parents,” said Lois Kam Heymann.

Many more new apps will be introduced on the market soon, including Tell Me a Story, Following Directions, and Word Discrimination, based on lessons and activity exercises from Heymann’s book, “The Sound of Hope” (Random House, 2010) that she wrote with celebrity mom Rosie O’Donnell.

“I just wanted to thank you for sharing your time and talent,” said Laurie Cicio, M.S. CCC-SLP about Lois Kam Heymann and her work. “Really, there is nothing more fulfilling than helping children reach their potential…and having the right skills to do so is very empowering.”

About ListenLoveLearn®

ListenLoveLearn® is Lois Kam Heymann’s company that provides information and products based on Heymann’s 30+ years of experience as a Speech Pathologist, Educator and Trainer. The mission of LLL is to share the successful techniques and philosophy Heymann has developed working with hundreds of families and their children. She is dedicated to helping parents and professionals help children develop listening, learning and language skills necessary to succeed and flourish.

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