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Back-to-school reading for parents of children with hearing loss

Technology, learning + advocacy resources

The following are blog posts, past and present, authored by members of CHC’s multidisciplinary team of pediatric specialists fluent in the needs of students with hearing loss.

If you have a need for information on an education topic not addressed here, please let us know. Chances are, other parents share that nagging question too.

For Parents + Grandparents:

The ABC’s of Literacy

CHC’s Back-to-School Audiology Tips

Bullying: What Parents Need to Know Addressing Back-to-School Jitters

Tech Tips for Parents of Students with Hearing Loss

Back-to-School Season and the Psychological Evaluation CHC’s School Equipment Checklist

For Teachers + Coaches

Tips for Teachers of Preschoolers with Hearing Loss

Tips for Teachers of Children with Hearing Loss

Tips for Coaches of Children with Hearing Loss

Letter for Teacher of Student with Cochlear Implants » Letter for Teacher of Student with Hearing Aids » CHC’s School Equipment Checklist  

Best wishes on a successful and satisfying school year!

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