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Car donation supports CHC families

A CHC client gives back

Car donation supports CHC

CHC client and donor Valerie Scopaz

Valerie Scopaz started receiving services at the Center for Hearing and Communication (then the League) at the age of 4 and a half. “My mother brought me there to learn to speak and cope with a hearing loss,” she recalls. “I remember attending Saturday classes until I was 17.”

Now an adult with a successful career, Valerie is committed to giving back to CHC. She recently participated in our car donation program run by Miles Ahead, an organization that manages car donations for charities throughout the U.S.

Miles Ahead handled every aspect of the donation, from picking up the car to delivering a sizable check to CHC. “What’s so great about the program,” Valerie tells us, “is that I didn’t have to carry two cars on my insurance policy or even be there when they came to pick up the car. It was all so easy.”

Car donation amount exceeded expectations

You can participate in CHC’s car donation program regardless of where you live in the U.S. or the condition of your vehicle. Your car, in fact, doesn’t even have to run at all. “What’s important,” Laurie Marks Law of Miles Ahead tells us, “is that this program creates a revenue stream that brings cash back to nonprofits like the Center for Hearing and Communication and others doing important work in the communities they serve.”

Recalling her years in the children’s program at CHC, Valerie feels “a debt of gratitude I can never pay back.” She adds, “The car donation is one significant way I can support an organization that helped me and my family so much.”

Miles Ahead takes every step to maximize each contribution. In fact, Valerie was thrilled with the donation amount her car generated. “It was more than I hoped for!”

Please consider making a car donation to CHC. It’s quick and easy and, best of all, a great way to make a difference in the lives of families struggling to overcome the challenges of hearing loss.

When we all give…it really adds up

“Everyone’s contribution to CHC matters,” Valerie points out. “When we all give, even just a little, it really adds up.”

Click below to visit the Miles Ahead car donation page. Be sure to select Center for Hearing and Communication as your charity of choice. If you have any questions, about the program, please call us at (917) 305-7702.

A special thank you to Valerie Scopaz for her donation and for sharing her story!

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