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CHC audiologists are committed to excellence in hearing healthcare

Opn hearing aid at CHC-NY

Opn miniRITE Made-for-iPhone Hearing Aid by Oticon

Today’s digital hearing aids are true technological marvels. With features like directional microphones, digital speech enhancement, and wireless connectivity, they have the potential to make a far more meaningful impact on quality of life than hearing aids of the past.

But technology is only a part of the solution.

What’s equally important is the care, knowledge, and experience of the audiologist who works with clients to help them get the most benefit possible from their hearing devices.

Qualities to look for in a skilled audiologist


Dr. Lafargue with a client in the Listening Studio.

As Director of Audiology at the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) in New York, I lead a team of highly skilled audiologists committed to excellence in hearing healthcare. What does that mean to our clients?

  1. At CHC, you’ll receive the most comprehensive hearing evaluation possible, with plenty of time (a full hour) to ask questions and discuss options;

  2. Your CHC audiologist will gain an understanding not only of your hearing issues, but also your communication needs as they relate to your job, recreational interests, fluency with technology, and other relevant lifestyle considerations;

  3. At CHC you always benefit from the knowledge and skill of a licensed audiologist;

  4. You’ll be presented with a variety of technology options that best meet your unique hearing and communication needs, including ones that are budget friendly;

  5. You’ll be given choices across all the major brands (we can do that because we don’t have allegiances with any single hearing aid manufacturer);

  6. CHC audiologists will expertly fine-tune the settings on your hearing aids so that you’ll experience the maximum benefit;

  7. You’ll be given a second hearing test – this time with your hearing aids to make sure you’re receiving the maximum benefit;.

  8. We’ll work with you on follow-up visits to get the settings just right and counsel you on the use of accessories and assistive technology;

  9. We’ll utilize the Listening Studio, CHC’s one-of-a-kind audio-visual resource that simulates real-life listening situations to maximize performance outside the test booth.

We hope you’ll consider CHC in New York and Florida for your hearing healthcare needs. If that’s not possible, use the checklist above to guide you in your selection of a qualified audiologist in your area.

Contact Us

Call us in New York at (917) 305-7766 to schedule an appointment or click below to submit a request online.

Learn more about audiologist Ellen lafargue, cited by The Hearing Review’s as one of the country’s Best Hearing Healthcare Professionals. Read more.

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