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CHC's Young Critics Show Some Love for El Deafo

See Reviews for El Deafo TV Show

El Deafo Reviews Are In!

CHC kids are abuzz about the new show El Deafo. It's based on the autobiographical, graphic novel by Cece Bell, who also wrote, produced and narrated the 3-episode series. Based on these reviews, Apple has a big hit on their hands! "Entertaining" and "funny" with a sprinkling of empowerment.


"It Can Be Hard Having Hearing Aids"

In the show El Deafo, the main character is named Cece. . . . Cece shows us that it can be hard having hearing aids. When she first gets her hearing aids, she goes to a school where she learns how to lip read and other strategies to understand people. Sometime later, Cece moves to a new house and goes to a school where not all the kids have hearing aids. It was funny when Cece put the microphone on the teacher without telling her when to turn it off so Cece heard when the teacher went to the bathroom. It’s funny because the same thing happened to me. . . . I would recommend this show because it puts thought in you that there are a lot of people with disabilities. They need people to understand what is going on and to accept them for themselves.

Anna, age 11


"It's About Kids That Are Unique"

. . . I liked the show because when people were talking, it sounded mumbled and it sounded real. It sounds like that when I went to the cafeteria before the pandemic and I had trouble. I would recommend this show because it’s about kids who are unique. Just because you're the only one who has something, that doesn't mean you can’t do what you like. Like if you like doing art and a bully tells you you can’t paint, does that mean you have to stop painting? No, you paint when you feel like painting.

Isabela, age 10


"[Teaches] How It Feels To Have Hearing Loss"

. . . I liked when Cece’s friends at school had hearing aids. I felt impressed to see all those kids. I felt different than Cece because she has a different hearing loss. Her hearing aids have a wire and mine have no wires. I learned that back then they didn’t have captions on the TV. I think that was hard for Cece because she was still learning how to read lips. I would recommend this show because some of my friends have had the same issues and I think they would like it. I think my parents would like it because it could teach them how it feels to have hearing loss. . .

Flair, age 10


"Hearing Loss Is Cool"

. . . When Cece was 4 years old she didn't feel well and her parents took her to the hospital. They gave her a medicine to help her get better, but when she recovered she realized that the medicine took away her hearing. She went to the audiologist and was given hearing aids. Her hearing aids were very big and she had to wear a box on her body. I wear two cochlear implants that are only on my ear. . . . My opinion about El Deafo is that it is wonderful. I would recommend the show to children because they will love it and learn that hearing loss is cool and can be a superpower.

Arielle, age 10


"Teaches People About Hearing Loss"

I am really enjoying watching the show El Deafo. The main character Cece and I are both Deaf. Also we both use a FM at school and we are the only kids in our class with a hearing loss. We are different because she is a bunny and I am not. I think all kids should watch this show not just kids with hearing loss. The show is sad at the beginning but then it gets interesting, happy and funny. It teaches people about hearing loss and being nice to kids that are deaf.

Sonya, age 7

Contact us to inquire about educational support services for children with hearing loss. And let us know what you and your children think about the show!

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