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Empowering Lives at CHC

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Help Us Provide Life-Changing Services for Kai and Others with Hearing Loss - DONATE NOW

Dear CHC Friend,

“This can’t be right. Please do it again.” I was in denial. The whole walk home, I just cried and cried and cried. For Kai’s sake, I realized I couldn’t cry forever.

Kai was born with normal hearing, but at the age of seven months contracted bacterial meningitis, which put him at risk for hearing loss. The results of his hearing test were devastating—a profound loss in both ears.

I learned about cochlear implants—a technology that was new to me—and later Kai was bilaterally implanted. But I knew he needed therapy to help him hear and speak, and on my own I was struggling to access those services. That’s when I contacted CHC.

Kai began receiving individual and group speech services at CHC when he was 12 months old. The first word he learned to say in therapy was “mama.” I was so surprised, but then there were tears of joy. I could finally see a future where he hears my voice, hears me sing to him and we discuss how his day went at school.

At CHC I have always felt so supported. The staff addresses all my questions and concerns, and they’ve introduced me to other parents of children with hearing loss. In a world I didn’t know much about, I now feel empowered and less alone. CHC not only teaches Kai to hear and speak, but helps me become a stronger advocate for him.

Kai, now four and a half, also receives educational support services at CHC. Amazingly, he’s reading books (his favorite is Brown Bear, Brown Bear). I know this could not have happened without all the support we’ve received from CHC.

CHC was there for us and is there for other families, regardless of their ability to pay. Please consider making a donation so they can continue to help kids like Kai and empower moms like me. I don’t know where we’d be without CHC. I will be forever grateful.

Warmest wishes,

Christina Roberts

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