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Feast video features CHC’s young chefs in training

Deaf kids give thanks for pizza + Feast chefs

Here’s a 2-minute video to brighten your day. It’s the video we screened November 6th at The Feast, and it features some of the kids who receive services at CHC.

All of the children are deaf or hard of hearing, but as you’ll discover, they have a lot to say about their favorite foods. And don’t even get them started on pizza making.

Feast Video

CHC’s comprehensive care for children with hearing loss

CHC’s listening and spoken language program in New York provides comprehensive care and support to help children with hearing loss learn to hear and speak with the aid of cochlear implants and hearing aids.

The kids work hard on their listening, speech and language skills every week in intensive therapy sessions with CHC’s expert speech-language pathologists. But the results, as you can see, are terrific, Click here to learn more about CHC’s pediatric services. Or call us at (917) 305-7840.

Thanks to all the children who took part in the video. We had a lot of fun!

And thank you to our Feast chefs! Your generosity made The 25th Annual Feast a fundraising success . . . for CHC and all the families who depend on us!

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