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Look for CHC's Healthy Hearing Messages on LinkNYC in May

Celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month

Throughout May, CHC is partnering with LinkNYC, the groundbreaking digital advertising and free public Wi-Fi network in NYC, to bring hearing health messages to kiosks in all five boroughs.

“We are thrilled to be raising awareness of the importance of healthy hearing and inspire people to get a free online hearing check,” says Laurie Hanin, CHC’s Executive Director. “The ability to hear and communicate is at the heart of what keeps all of us connected to each other and to the sights and sounds of NYC. Studies show that treating hearing loss can improve our emotional health, reduce the risk of dementia and falls, and make sure we don’t miss out on conversations with our friends and loved ones.”

Inspiring New Yorkers to Get Their Hearing Checked

Here's a sampling of the healthy hearing messages you'll see all month long. Our hope is to inspire people to be proactive about their hearing health and get a free online hearing screening.

Contact Us

Contact us to let us know which ads you like best. And get your free online hearing screening today. It take just five minutes and you'll get your results immediately. Happy Better Hearing and Speech Month, everyone!

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