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CHC's Safe Listening Guide with Decibel Levels for Common Sounds

Protect Against Unsafe Sounds in Your Environment

Just in time for the 29th Annual International Noise Awareness Day! Here's a new Safe Listening Guide by the Center for Hearing and Communicationcomplete with decibel levels for common sounds and easy-to-remember safe listening tips.

It's so critical to protect our hearing from noise because noise-induced hearing loss is permanent, yet preventable when we take a few simple steps.

CHC's Safe Listening Guide includes decibel levels for common sounds and safe listening tips

Interested to learn more? Check out Know the Facts About Hearing Protection by CHC audiologist Shelby Platia.

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4 days ago

I appreciate the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) putting together this safe listening guide. I'm going to share it with my friends and family! fnf go


Beverly Powell
Beverly Powell
6 days ago

Her initiative has many values and contributes to making hearing aids and hearing health care services safe for consumers. foodle


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