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Join Us in Celebrating World Hearing Day - March 3, 2023

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

A Commitment to Hearing Care for All

CHC is pleased to join the W.H.O. and organizations around the globe in celebrating World Hearing Day. We're particularly supportive of this year's theme of Hearing Care for All, a vision to which we are deeply committed.

Why Hearing Matters

An audiologist checks their adult patient's ears

It's so important to take care of your hearing and address any issues when they arise, particularly for older adults. One-third of people 65+ and half of those 75+ have hearing loss. Yet all too often the hearing loss is left untreated, putting individuals at a greater risk of social isolation, depression, falls and a five-fold increase for cognitive decline and dementia. In fact, age-related hearing loss is the single largest modifiable risk factor for cognitive decline, accounting for as many as 9% of all new dementia cases.

With children, it's critical to identify and treat hearing problems without delay because hearing loss can negatively impact speech and language skills, social and emotional development, and the educational trajectory.

CHC in the Community

A picture of the Mobile Hearing Test Unit with an ad for the Center for Hearing and Communication on its side

For these reasons, CHC takes a leadership role in raising awareness about the public health epidemic of hearing loss in older adults and providing direct hearing health care to seniors in underserved neighborhoods.

We also recognize the urgent hearing health need at the other end of the age spectrum—providing hearing screenings to at-risk preschoolers through Project PATH (Preschool Access to Hearing), a program now in its 20th year.

Lives Transformed

Testimonials by those who've participated in these programs suggest the transformative role they play in improving hearing health and quality of life.

"Excellent presentation. My first time listening to a presentation on this subject and I found the moderators were excellent and questions I hadn't thought about were also thoroughly answered." - Workshop attendee

"Listening shows children they matter, we love them, and their words are important. Thank you, CHC! - Preschool educator

Thank you card from a Project PATH school screening. The card is decorated with paint handprints and drawings of ears, as well as a picture of the Mobile Hearing Test Unit
Thank you card from a Project PATH school screening

"So very informative. Had no idea there were so many resources and appliances to assist." - Workshop attendee

"Being hearing impaired is always a struggle. Thank you so much for this information! I just bought my son an Apple Watch for Christmas and never did it once cross my mind that it would probably be even more helpful for me!" - Workshop attendee

We're Here for You

CHC's community outreach programs are improving lives today and will do so all year round. If you are interested in having CHC provide your organization or school with mobile audiological care or a hearing health educational workshop, please contact us to submit your request.

As always, we're hear for you!

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