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3 impacts of hearing loss on healthy aging

Hearing loss and aging

One-third of people over the age of 65 and two-thirds over 75 have hearing loss. Yet very few are willing to admit they have a hearing problem. Are you one of them?

Which of these listening situations cause you difficulty?

  1. Understanding phone conversations

  2. Hearing the doorbell or phone ring

  3. Communicating in noisy restaurants

  4. Listening to TV or radio

  5. Following group discussions

If one or more are difficult for you, we encourage you to get a hearing evaluation. Hearing loss can be a natural part of the aging process but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

Some people might be reluctant to acknowledge and treat the loss because it is associated with getting older. But in reality the opposite is true. Addressing your hearing loss can help you stay young and connected.

3 impacts of hearing loss on healthy aging

Untreated hearing loss impacts healthy aging:

1. Emotional health and wellness

Staying connected to family, friends and the community positively impacts our emotional wellbeing, but hearing loss often interferes with our ability to maintain these ties. Communication can become so difficult and frustrating that a person with untreated hearing loss can feel socially isolated, lonely and in some cases, depressed. Addressing the hearing loss can reduce these symptoms and improve the ability to stay connected.

2. Safety

Not hearing well can put you in harm’s way. It can be difficult to hear alerts such as a car horn or a smoke or carbon monoxide detector, especially when sleeping. For many, it can be challenging to communicate using the phone in emergency situations and understand    directions clearly. Treating hearing loss can help you stay safe and responsive.

3. Memory and cognitive function

Alarming new research links hearing loss and the risk of developing dementia. Findings suggest untreated hearing loss puts a tremendous strain on the brain, weakening its ability to process and store information. And, as the degree of hearing loss increases, so does the potential of developing memory and thinking challenges.

CHC’s Center for Hearing and Aging can help

With offices in New York and Florida, the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) is committed to helping seniors care for their hearing as a way of improving overall health and wellness. The Center for Hearing and Aging at CHC is a new resource committed to public education and unsurpassed clinical expertise in the unique hearing and wellness needs of seniors.

“Don’t delay treating your hearing loss. You’ll be happier, healthier and more vital. You deserve it!”

Laurie Hanin, Ph.D., CCC-A Executive Director Center for Hearing and Communication

We offer a unique multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of hearing loss in older adults. Our SoundMind program includes:

  1. In-Office and Phone Consultation

  2. Hearing Screenings

  3. Audiological Evaluation

  4. Hearing Devices Evaluation

  5. Assistive Listening Devices Demonstration

  6. Cognitive Screening

  7. Language and Memory Therapy

  8. Communication Strategy Workshops

  9. Counseling and Information for Individuals and Families

  10. Support Groups (NY office only)

In addition, the Center for Hearing and Aging is a vital resource that provides public education to individuals, organizations, health care providers and families about the importance of treating hearing loss in older adults.

Contact Us

Contact the Center for Hearing and Aging at the Center for Hearing and Communication to inquire about services and request information.

For the New York office, phone (917) 305-7700 or email us at

For the Florida office, phone (954) 601-1930 or email

Click here to request copies of this information in a printed brochure. If you’d like brochures to distribute at your office or association meeting, be sure to specify quantity.

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