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CHC Scores High in Customer Satisfaction


Jeff Wax, Director, Emotional Health and Wellness Center

Hearing health care at the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) is of a very high quality. How do we know? Our clients told us!

Recently hundreds of clients filled out an anonymous customer satisfaction survey after receiving services at our New York office. It’s important to us that you, our clients, assess the quality of our work and let us know what we’re doing right and where improvements might be needed.

Here’s a summary of the results. We pledge not to let any of this go to our head. And for those “areas of opportunity” you identified, look for improvements when you come for your next appointment.

Quality of CHC’s Clinical Services

Our audiologists, speech pathologists, psychotherapists and ENT are providing top-notch clinical services – often praised as the best in the business. In fact, more than 90% of clients reported that they received significant benefit from their services related to hearing loss or auditory challenges. And the same percent said they planned to come back again for a future service. This is terrific feedback, especially since our category is often associated with consumer dissatisfaction. Great to know we’re doing things right and making a difference.

Our Favorite Client Quotes

“It is perfect, the best, honest, competent, friendly – finally an audiologist I can trust.”

“After seven years and four or five audiologists, I can say with authority that this one was better than I had ever imagined it could be.”

“I personally don’t want to be services by anyone else because of the known quality of your work.”

“I feel very confident at CHC knowing the range of services you provide which will be available to me should my hearing needs change.”

CHC’s Front-Office Staff

More than 90% of you found the front-office staff to be courteous, competent, and helpful. Support staff was respectful of different cultural backgrounds and was able to communicate effectively with a diverse clientele. For the vast majority of clients (again, 90% or more), wait times were brief, appointments easy to schedule and check-in was fast.

“I find your staff efficient and courteous as well as considerate. They really do try to do everything to help me with any issues I may have.”

Opportunity Areas

Feedback from a small number of clients indicated there are a few bumps in the road we need to work on:

  1. Wait times for those seeking walk-in service for molds or hearing aid repairs can sometimes run a little long. We’ll do our best to move things along in the future. But please keep in mind that walk-in services are intended for people with last-minute emergencies. If you can, please try to book an appointment with the dispensary in advance to ensure a brief wait time.

  2. A few clients suggested that we haven’t done a good job communicating our autonomy from hearing aid manufacturers. So let’s be clear on this: CHC has no allegiance to any of the hearing aid manufacturers. We dispense all the leading brands and make our recommendations solely based on what is best for our clients. Read more.

Thank you to all our wonderful clients who took part in the customer satisfaction survey and provided such thoughtful input. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

To request an appointment in NYC, call (917) 305-7766 or click here.

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