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CHC teen adopted just weeks before 18th birthday

Dreams come true for CHC Alum in Florida

Here’s heartwarming news from the CHC team in Florida. You’ll want to check out the video and also read the story below by Maci’s case managers at CHC.

Much of the staff here at CHC in Florida has had the pleasure of knowing Maci since she was a little girl. We’ve worked with Maci throughout her life and are ecstatic with the achievements she has accomplished so far.

Maci was diagnosed with hearing loss at the age of three. She first became involved with CHC-FL through our elementary summer camp program (MOST). And then continued with our Youth FORCE and STEP programs. We provided Maci with numerous support services over the years and were able to watch her grow into a remarkable young woman.

CHC's Melissa Garcia and Olivia Angeli with Maci and her Mom

CHC’s Melissa Garcia and Olivia Angeli with Maci and her Mom

After many difficult events in her life, she ended up in the foster care system. That presented challenges but, ultimately, a reward as well. CHC-FL case managers recently assisted Maci with the adoption process and were able to successfully see the adoption finalized. Maci is now a part of a family where she receives love and encouragement.

She was adopted just before her 18th birthday! CHC-FL is thrilled to see Maci happy in her new family and cannot wait to see where else her life will take her.

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