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Spotlight on International Noise Awareness Day (INAD) Partners

Nancy Nadler, CHC Deputy Director and Director of the Noise Center

Nancy Nadler, M.E.D., M.A.

International Noise Awareness Day was founded in 1996 by the Center for Hearing and Communication (then known as the League for the Hard of Hearing) to raise awareness about the harmful effects of noise on hearing, health and quality of life.

It's inspiring today—as we celebrate the 27th Annual International Noise Awareness Day—to see so many global partners embracing the campaign.

Participants celebrate by planning activities in their local communities that address their most urgent noise issues. For some, that involves hosting hearing screenings or hearing protection workshops, observing one minute of silence at 2:15 p.m., or conducting a poster contest in schools to encourage healthy hearing practices. Others advocate for changes in legislation or promote technology that can make the world a little quieter.

INAD Partners

I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge just a few of the partners who are actively promoting noise awareness and education among their communities this INAD.

  • UK Noise Association - They'll be marking the occasion by presenting the first annual Jack Pease Media Award to the journalist, newspaper or other media outlet which has contributed most to the noise debate. The award is in honor of Jack Pease who ran Noise Bulletin for 23 years from 1999 until its final issue in March this year. The first winner of the award is Jack himself.

  • School of Noise - This UK school helps to educate young people year-round about the science of sound and music. For INAD they will be focused on safe listening activities.

  • Italian Acoustics Association - AIA is embracing a theme this year of "Imagined Sounds" as they plan competitions and educational lessons with the goal of introducing students to the sounds that enrich our acoustic environment.

  • Our Town - This Upper East Side newspaper features an article by another INAD founder, Arline Bronzaft, who reflects on what INAD means to her.

  • LASEPA - Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency of Nigeria is working towards a goal of a "Noiseless Lagos," which this year will include an educational program in 20 schools that will include free hearing tests.

  • Environmental Protection Scotland - Working towards a goal of a cleaner, quieter, healthier and sustainable Scotland, EPS is supporting INAD this year with webinars and social media activity.

  • Right to Quiet - Our friends in Canada are planning Quiet Parks & Quiet Places, a virtual forum examining the health enhancing benefits of quiet green spaces, and the importance of protecting such spaces from noise pollution for the benefit of humans and urban wildlife.

  • iHider - Turkey Occupational Hygienists Association is offering an online noise awareness symposium and an educational program for kindergarten students.

  • Generalitat de Catalunya - Plans include a "Noise-Free Week" celebration, a "Let's Lower the Volume" campaign, and a gathering of acoustic experts to speak before Congress.

  • Universidad de Chile - The University will use a theme of "Is Your Music Too Loud?" to promote safe listening habits among high school and university students.

  • Başkent University - This University in Turkey with an Audiology Department is organizing activities in two middle schools that will feature educational posters and interactive presentations about safe listening.

  • Yenepoya Medical College - Activities in Mangalore, India, include guest lectures, video-making competition on the theme of "Protect Your Hearing, Protect Your Health" and free hearing screenings.

  • ARI/Austria Academy of Sciences - Bioacoustics, mathematics, numerics, phonetics, psychoacoustics to software as well as external cooperation partners take part in a day of noise educational activities for children.

  • ATEAL - This organization in Brazil has been dedicated to hearing health awareness for forty years. INAD activities include educational programs for adults and children, media events and a social media campaign.

CHC is grateful to all the participating organizations and individuals getting the word out this INAD that noise is harmful to our health while quiet is essential to our well-being.

Check out the showcase of CHC partners on our website, We're working to get more partners posted in the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with us to share your planned activities.

Happy INAD and best of luck!

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