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Noise Canceling Ear Plugs: Hear Better Forever!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Are you concerned about noise and the impact it could have on your hearing? A lot of New Yorkers feel that way, But how many take action? And what exactly is the appropriate step to take?

We could all learn a lesson from Franz G. He was concerned about his risk for noise-induced hearing loss. And he did something about it.

Noise Canceling Ear Plugs at CHC

Noise cancelling ear plugs available at CHC in NYC
Audiologist Kristin Baldwin

Franz came to the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) and was fit with noise canceling ear plugs by audiologist Kristin Baldwin. Dr. Baldwin gave Franz a hearing screening and addressed all his questions and concerns about exposure to noise and the possibility of damage to his hearing. She fit him with custom ear molds, and when the final ear plugs were ready, tested them to ensure their effectiveness in providing the level of protection he needed.

Franz was thrilled with the results and soon couldn’t imagine being without hearing protection. They’re comfortable, easy to carry, and at the ready whenever and wherever the noise gets too loud.

A Healthy Hearing Advocate is Born

His experience was so positive, in fact, he has become an advocate for hearing protection. Franz discussed his ear plugs with coworkers and gave a friend a gift certificate for CHC’s custom hearing protection package. That friend, now equally pleased with her noise cancelling ear plugs, is an advocate in the making.

What motivated Franz to take action and protect his hearing while so many of us continue to put our hearing at risk every day? We asked him a few questions on that topic and others.

CHC: How did you become interested in protecting your hearing?

FG: I’m responsible for On-Premise/Nightlife/Event Marketing for Red Bull, spending many hours in loud environments. One of my work counterparts bought custom ear plugs and it changed his life, so I did the same.

CHC: When do you wear your custom ear plugs? How have they worked out?

FG: By now I’m carrying my custom ear plugs like my wallet. I’m not leaving the house without them and if I forget them for some reason, I’m going back home to get them. I’m wearing them every time I’m in a loud environment.

CHC: What made you think of giving the gift of hearing protection?

FG: Many of my friends and counterparts work in the same environment and hear me talking about them in a very positive way. Unfortunately, ear plugs are not top of mind for everyone so I do the extra step and gift them to my close friends/people I care about.

CHC: How was the gift received?

FG: It’s a very unique gift that people love and remember! There are many moments they can be used, which makes people think about me every time they use their plugs ;)

Thanks, Franz, for sharing your story and inspiring others to take better care of their hearing.

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