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Video: CHC Kids Chatting It Up [End of Year Donation Time]

Read about the incredible impact donations to CHC make in an end-of-year letter from CHC Executive Director Dr. Laurie Hanin.

CHC kids are hams. Sweet, sentimental hams.

Check out this video of some of our littlest clients telling us — some hilariously, some earnestly — what their favorite sounds are. (Watch to the end for the full effect.)

These are kids who are visiting CHC each week for intensive communication therapy. Learning to understand spoken language and speak when you’re growing up deaf or with severe hearing loss is a long journey and really hard work for the whole family. From those smiles and giggles, however, we can feel confident that CHC clinicians are helping these children become confident communicators who can chase just about any dream they like.

CHC is a not-for-profit organization, and we’re able to give families and kids this kind of support only because of generous giving by people like you.

Sometimes we’re asked, “If CHC services aren’t free, why do you need donor support?”

It’s because we dedicate the time and care each child needs during the therapeutic process for childhood deafness intervention. Regardless of what we’re able to collect via fees for services, and reimbursements from health insurance or government programming, we will not sacrifice our standards. Boys and girls with hearing loss deserve access to the same opportunities as their hearing peers, and that means successful development of communication skills.

We’re grateful for the financial support that lets us continue to serve kids like the little girl in the video who loves most to hear herself sing and the boy who roars, “I like to hear cheering at SOCCER GAMES!”

Enrich a life with the gift of sound

There are always new families with children newly diagnosed as deaf or hard of hearing who cross our threshold needing help. Will you make a year end donation to help ensure bright futures for children with hearing loss?

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