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Want to Talk? [CHC’s Emotional Health and Wellness Center]

Certainly feels like the dead of winter here in New York this week, and I know a few people feeling a bit down. I’m reminded of a 30 Rock episode, “Winter Madness”, where cold dark days turn the entire office into hilariously mean, snappy jerks.

(I’m happy to report that Center for Hearing and Communication staff is nowhere near so edgy, even in this weather.)

The Emotional Health and Wellness Center at CHC

Still, the threat of “winter blues” deepens my appreciation of the breadth of services we provide here. Did you know that CHC has an Emotional Health and Wellness Center staffed with experienced, compassionate talk therapists and a psychiatrist?

CHC’s psychotherapists — Director Jeff Wax, Bruce Smith, and Sarah Lee — are licensed clinical social workers, and Anna Glick, M.D. provides psychiatric services. All are truly wonderful at what they do.

CHC serves clients across the entire hearing spectrum, from profoundly deaf to typically hearing, and all three therapists provide services verbally and via American Sign Language (ASL).

Clients come to us at any life phase looking for emotional health support. They may be experiencing feelings of  sadness, fear, stress, or low energy that they find concerning. Some are facing  job stress, relationship issues, anxiety, trauma, depression, or managing a mental health diagnosis.

All are welcome. If you think you might like to make an appointment with the Emotional Health and Wellness Center, email Jeff Wax or call (917) 305-7739.

Most health insurance plans are accepted, and some evening hours are available.

Emotional and Mental Health and Hearing Loss

Unfortunately, hearing loss is linked to depression, anxiety, and other emotional health issues. The risk for these problems decreases when the hearing loss is treated and managed properly, but all people with hearing loss should be extra careful to consider their emotional wellness. (Indeed, experts have recommended that people who are depressed should get a hearing screening even if they don’t think they have a hearing loss.)

The Stress of a Diagnosis

Any medical or health diagnosis takes a psychological toll. CHC’s therapists have a deep understanding of the emotional impact and daily life issues that a hearing loss diagnosis presents. CHC helps people with new diagnoses, progressive conditions, and the parents and loved ones of people diagnosed with hearing loss.

Group Support

Group settings can support a wonderfully supportive therapeutic process. If you or someone you know might be interested in group offerings for people who are hard of hearing, including a professionals’ therapy group, support for LGBT people, or stress reduction, please get in touch.

Emotional Health and Wellness Center staff members are fully licensed professionals who listen and understand. We can help you to recognize and rid negative patterns and discover how to nurture a new, more positive self-awareness.

We welcome people on the entire spectrum of hearing ability, from people who are deaf or hard of hearing to those who hear well. Our therapists are ASL-fluent with many years of experience and knowledge in the specific issues facing people with hearing loss. Give us a call if you’re looking for a safe, empathetic place for expression, growth, feedback, and guidance. We will help you tackle whatever brings you to us and help you become a more fully satisfied and peaceful you. The Emotional Health and Wellness Center

Stay warm!

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