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CHC’s Assistive Devices Living room is now looped

Thanks to our generous donors!

When you visit our devices room to learn about assistive listening and alerting technology, take advantage of the new hearing loop. Anyone with a t-coil receiving services here will be able to receive the audio (i.e., voice of the hearing professional) directly into their hearing aid’s wireless receiver. It’s another way we’re making our programs and services accessible to people who have hearing loss.

A big thank you to Richard McKinley, Managing Director of Contacta Inc., who donated the equipment and to Karen MacLennan of Northeast Hearing/ who donated the installation.

“It was a pleasure installing a hearing loop in the assistive devices room at the Center for Hearing and Communication. It made perfect sense to donate the installation of a hearing loop to CHC because their mission is to improve the quality of life of individuals living with hearing loss. Hearing loops undoubtedly improve quality of life by increasing and/or improving hearing access in a dignified manner. The installation would not have been possible without the hearing loop amplifier and materials that were donated by Richard McKinley, Managing Director of Contacta Inc.”

Karen MacLennan, AuD/TSHH

CHC also wishes to acknowledge the support of HLAA member Jerry Bergman who helped get the ball rolling on this important accessibility initiative.

Assistive devices counseling

Visit our assistive devices center in New York City to learn about assistive technology that can help you live and communicate better inside and outside your home. You’ll learn about special phones with amplification and captions, a wireless headset that allows you to hear your television better, and an alarm clock that creates a vibration under your pillow (just to name a few). Learn more about free, weekly assistive listening devices demonstrations at CHC. For more information about CHC’s Assistive Devices Living Room, email us or call 917-305-7921.

Alternatively, you can make an appointment for one-on-one devices counseling with your CHC audiologist. There is a fee for this services; call 917-305-7766 to schedule an appointment.

About hearing loops

Interested in learning more about hearing loops? Visit HLAA’s website or contact a CHC audiologist. Click here to take the “Get in the Hearing Loop” survey, one component of an educational campaign jointly created by HLAA and the American Academy of Audiologists.

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