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TV listening devices enhance quality of life

Hearing loss, even a mild one, can make it frustrating to watch television. Turning up the volume can help, but hearing and understanding all the spoken words can still be challenging.

TV listening devices are an excellent solution for people struggling to hear the television – whether they are hearing aid wearers or not. I’ve found that for many of my clients, the ability to hear TV better can enhance quality of life significantly.

TV listening devices bring sound directly to your ears

Why is it that watching television can be so frustrating? It’s often just a matter of distance. As one listens to a TV from a distance, not only does the sound signal become weaker as it travels from the television to the ears, but the acoustical characteristics of the room make the sound less distinct.

TV listening devices address this issue by bringing the sound directly to the viewer’s ears, either through a wireless headset or the individual’s hearing aids.

VitaSound TV offers excellent sound quality

I recently tried out one of the newest TV listening devices. VitaSound TV, and was impressed with the clear sound quality, quick set-up, and ease of use. I’ve been recommending it to our clients and so far the feedback has been excellent.

Features I especially like:

  1. Clear digital sound

  2. Comes with high quality ear buds but also can work with your own favorite headset

  3. Alternatively, it connects to your hearing aids if you have an activated t-coil

  4. In-ear volume is independent of the television’s volume, so others can listen to the TV at a comfortable volume

Click below to learn more. Be sure to use a special promo code CHC70 to receive a $70 discount off the regular price (that’s a 32% savings). Offer is good through June, 2015 only. So take action soon!

Don’t forget to utilize closed captioning to ensure that you understand every word being said. You can access closed captions using the settings or menu button on your television remote. Contact your cable provider for additional information.

And join us at our New York office every Thursday at 2:00PM for our free assistive devices group demonstration. You’ll get to demo VitaSound TV along with other assistive listening and alerting devices that can help you live and communicate better. For more information, click below, or call us at (917) 305-7766.

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