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Healthy Hearing Resources for Better Hearing and Speech Month

Updated: May 6, 2022

Online Hearing Screening, Safe Listening Tips & More

Laurie Hanin, Executive Director

Picture of Laurie Hanin CHC Executive Director
Laurie Hanin, PhD, CCC-A, Exec. Director

The Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) is pleased to join the Children's Hearing Institute in partnering with the new film Rally Caps to raise awareness of the importance of healthy hearing and safe listening as we kick off Better Hearing and Speech Month (May, 2022).

Much thanks to Rally Caps for putting a spotlight on the issue of hearing health with their upcoming family-friendly film featuring characters with cochlear implants. Learn more about Rally Caps and view photos from the Hearing Loss Awareness Day event at Citi Field.

Wish you could be more proactive about your hearing health, or that or a loved one's? Check out these easy-to-use tools and resources to help you protect and care for your hearing at any age.

CHC's Healthy Hearing Resources

Image suggesting a hearing screening

Free Online Hearing Screening - Take a quick, self-administered, online hearing screening (ages 18 and up) and receive the results immediately. CHC recommends an annual hearing check as part of everyone's overall health and wellness program. If your screening suggests a possible hearing loss, be sure to follow up with a licensed audiologist to get a comprehensive evaluation.

Image suggesting a healthcare worker

Find an Audiologist in Your Area - If you live in New York City or Ft. Lauderdale, we hope you will consider contacting CHC to schedule an appointment for any of your audiological needs, including hearing testing, hearing aid fitting, custom hearing protection, tinnitus consultation or auditory processing disorder testing and support. Should you wish for us to recommend a licensed audiologist in your area, submit your request using our Ask the Experts form and we'll get back to you promptly.

Symbol suggesting earplugs and hearing protection

Safe Listening Tips - Find out the ways in which you could be putting your hearing at risk and the simple solutions that allow you to protect your hearing for a lifetime of healthy hearing.

Symbol of earphones suggesting assistive listening devices

Assistive Devices - Learn about assistive listening and alerting devices that can help you communicate better and be safe inside and outside the home.

Simple graphic of an ear with a hearing aid

Hearing Aids 101 - Learn about the different styles of hearing aids available today as well as accessories that can help you hear better in challenging listening situations.

Simple graphic showing a head in profile with a cochlear impalnt

Cochlear Implants - Learn how cochlear implants can help people of all ages who are profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing.

The letters CC denoting closed captioning

CHC's Guide to NYC - Discover this indispensable resource filled with hearing access information and tech tips to help people of all hearing abilities get the most out of the city they love.

The letter Q standing for a question that you might want to submit to our hearing health experts.

Ask the Experts - Have a hearing health question you'd like a licensed audiologist to address? Submit your question using our Ask the Experts form and we'll get back to you promptly.

Contact Us

We hope this information is helpful and encourage you to share this page with a loved one who could benefit from learning more about these important hearing healthcare topics.

Don't hesitate to contact the Center for Hearing and Communication to inquire about Audiological Care or services in our other disciplines: Speech and Language, Education and Emotional Health and Wellness. Services for all ages include our acclaimed Children's Program, featuring comprehensive care for infants to teenagers, as well as the Center for Hearing and Aging, offering innovative programming tailored to the needs of older adults.

We wish you the best of luck in your journey to better hearing!

About the Center for Hearing and Communication

Founded in 1910, CHC is a historic pillar of support, offering high-quality, comprehensive services to empower people affected by hearing loss, deafness or listening challenges. Through a unique blend of comprehensive and clinically outstanding onsite and virtual services, and community outreach programs, CHC impacts the quality of life for 50,000 infants, children, and adults annually. CHC offers the highest caliber of services to individuals and families coping with the challenges of hearing loss, regardless of their ability to pay.

About Rally Caps

Rally Caps, a family-friendly movie starring Amy Smart (Stargirl, Varsity Blues) and Judd Hirsch (Uncut Gems, Independence Day) and featuring characters with cochlear implants, is about a young baseball player who has his dreams of pitching for a Little League travel team derailed by a devastating injury on the field. After a long recovery process, he goes off to summer camp with his older brother where he befriends a catcher and his sister who are deaf. Based on their own experiences of living with a disability, they help him overcome his anxiety and fear of returning to the mound. Written and directed for the screen by Lee Cipolla, Rally Caps is adapted from the book by Stephen J. Cutler and Jodi Michelle Cutler.

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