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Valentine to CHC grandparents

Grandparents play a special role for CHC kids

Pediatric hearing loss communication therapy

Pediatric aural rehabilitation therapy session

Did you know grandparents often play a special role in the lives of children who receive services at the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC)?

That’s because pediatric aural habilitation at CHC is a family affair. Our speech-language pathologists and teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing actively encourage the participation of parents, siblings and grandparents in each child’s listening and spoken language therapy.

A family-centered approach

Clinicians at CHC can only see children for a few hours every week. So the work that we do is most beneficial when it’s carried out at home by all members of the family.

At CHC, grandparents, parents and siblings are coached to enhance listening and spoken language during everyday routines. Grandparents gain a better understanding of how hearing loss impacts the lives of their own children as well as their grandchildren.

Giving thanks to grandparents

In a therapy session, our kids had the opportunity to communicate a special message to their grandparents. They made coasters with an imprint of their hand and a special poem. The coasters were given as gifts recently, and we understand they’re now being prominently displayed by proud grandparents.

Thank you to all our grandparents for being active members of our kids’ support teams. We hope this is hands down your happiest Valentine’s Day!

pediatric hearing loss

Contact Dana Selznick, Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, at (917) 305-7855 or to learn more about CHC’s family-centered services »

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