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Videoconference captioning news from InnoCaption

By Carolyn Stern, MBA

Assistant Director of Outreach and Strategic Initiatives

Carolyn Stern, manager of Hearing Health Days for NYC seniors

Carolyn Stern, Asst. Dir. of Outreach and Strategic Initiatives

In a prior blog post, Zoom and Captioning with InnoCaption+ App, I shared how to make your Zoom calls accessible by viewing captions provided by the free InnoCaption+ app on your smartphone. In that post, I highlighted a nice feature that the user can choose to generate captions by a human captioner (like CART) or by an automatic speech recognition AI capability.

The good news we want to share today is, in response to consumer feedback, InnoCaption recently launched a feature called DeskView. This option gives users the ability to access captions on a bigger computer screen such as a desktop or laptop instead of a smaller mobile phone screen.

Benefits of InnoCaption’s DeskView

After following a few steps clearly explained on the DeskView page of the InnoCaption website, I successfully accessed captions on my computer screen and instantly liked this new feature. Specific benefits are:

  1. One Screen – I found it much easier to follow the captions right on my computer screen rather than toggle back and forth between my computer screen and my smaller smartphone screen.

  2. Customizable – The DeskView window placement, size, font size and background and font color are customizable and easy to adjust at any time during a call.

  3. Shareable -You can make your videoconference call accessible for others who are deaf or hard of hearing by sharing the DeskView window during the meeting.

Take the time to try out the feature with a friend or family member first before giving it a go during an important meeting. If you have any questions, I recommend using InnoCaption’s customer chat feature on its website. When I used it to ask a few questions, they were extremely responsive. Let us know how it goes!

Click below to watch a video demonstration by InnoCaption’s Co-CEO, Joe Duarte.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this or other hearing tech solutions, please click here to contact us and we’ll gladly provide assistance. Also, if you have tips to add, please send them our way to share with our readers.

Remember, CHC is here for you. If you are having difficulty hearing well with any aspect of your remote work set-up, or are looking for support in any way, please contact your CHC audiologist. If you prefer, you can call our main number in New York at 917-305-7700 or in Ft. Lauderdale at 954-601-1930.

If you’re not currently a CHC client, but need assistance, we’re happy to help. Also consider reaching out to your hearing aid manufacturer’s help line which is also readily available to aid as well.

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